How can I deploy my chatbot on Whatsapp?

My bot is ready to be deployed but I don’t know how to deploy it on Whatsapp. Can you explain how I can do it ?

Hi there!

In order to deploy your chatbot on WhatsApp, you need to go to Twilio first, in the “Explore Products” section where you will find a subsection called “Messaging” which will grant you access to another subsection called “Senders” and, finally, click on “WhatsApp senders” and choose the number you want to use:

Once on the aforementioned page, you need to enter the following URL in the highlighted field and then click on the blue “Update WhatsApp Sender” button at the bottom of your screen: (“BOT_ID” being the ID of your bot, here a link to help you find it)

Then you need to go to to get the information (Account SID & Auth token) you are going to enter in the empty fields that can be found in the “publication” page back on the Ideta platform:

Please note that you need to buy a phone number first in order to use this service. That number can be purchased on the Twilio website in the “Buy a number” subsection:

Once you’ve bought your number (with the SMS option), it will appear on the “WhatsApp Senders” page:

Don’t forget to verify your phone number to begin using WhatsApp.