How do I use your platform to send SMS?

I would like to use my chatbot to send SMS messages. How do I configure this ?

To send an SMS, you need to use an external tool such as Twilio (

I’ll show you how to use it easily.

Go to your dashboard and grab your ACCOUNT_SID and AUTH_TOKEN :

Then encode “ACCOUNT_ID:AUTH_TOKEN” in base 64. You can use an online tool you trust in order to do that.
You can use an operation bubble in Ideta to do that as well.

You can launch that bubble in the test section to get the result :

You can also use window.btoa(“ACCOUNT_ID:AUTH_TOKEN”) in the console of your browser’s developers tool.

Then, create an API bubble such as the following :

Be careful with the headers !

That’s it ! Every time your chatbot will run through this API, you’ll send a text.