How can I setup my bot with Open AI Azure?

You can set up your bot with an Open AI API key.

But some use cases require to know exactly what people spent and dedicated resources.

First step is to create an account at Azure OpenAI Studio - Microsoft Azure if you don’t have one.

Follow the process for account creation.

Then request access to Open AI :

When access has been granted, you will see this :

Go to “Deployments” in the side bar and click on “Create new Deployment” :

Select a model and give it a name. We will name it “DEMO_DEPLOYMENT_NAME” but you can change it.

You can click here to get your resource endpoint and key :

You’ll see this :

These are the values you’ll need to copy in Ideta during the bot creation process. You just need to add “/DEMO_DEPLOYMENT_NAME/completions?api-version=2023-05-15” at the end of your endpoint.

You’ll get something like this :