How do I clone my bot including all training data?

We want to be able to clone different bots (including all training data) to make new bots and then make the clones independent of their master. Can you please give me the steps to do this?

Hi !

To clone a bot with AI, you need to follow the following steps :

1- Duplicate your bot :

2- Connect your bot to the other agent by going to AI > Connect NLP :

3- Then click import. The training of your older version is now copied into the new bot and they are linked.

4- If you want the bots to share the same AI, ignore the following steps.

5- Create a new Dialogflow agent on

6- Connect that new agent to your bot in AI > Connect NLP

7- Export the training into the new bot.

That’s it, your bots are now completely duplicated and independant.

Hi Glen

Thanks for your help. This is the first time that I have used Ideta and I’m trying to fast track. Can you please clarify steps 4 – 6, the AI export? I followed step 5 and clicked on the link which opened a new window in dialogflow essentials – see screen grab

Questions –

  1. do I need to create intents etc?
  2. I’m logged into diaglogflow under a different google account – will this impact me being able to see the Dialogflow agent when logged onto my Ideta dashboard as a different user?

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Warmest Regards

Debbie Lander

No you don’t need to create intents. If the new agent has been created, you can go to step 6. That happens in Ideta, in the AI section and after clicking on “Connect NLP”.

Being on another account will not impact you ability to connect.