How to resume a conversation after reloading the iframe

I am using iframe integration in an angular application.
When the user login in my app, I insert the iframe.
how to resume a conversation in progress after iframe reloaded?
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You can work around that with that API :

It allows you to count conversations with given filters.

Hi Glen,
Thank you for your answer.
My question may not have been very clear, I do not want to count the conversations but to resume the state of one conversation when a user reconnects.

I have already looked at the collection on postman but there is not much documentation. Have you got some? I can see that we can perform actions via this API but the actions on a conversation require a userId, how to retrieve a userId from the popop (or the iframe)? I don’t know which approach to take. maybe there is a way to authenticate the user (without google or facebook auth)

my workflow is:

  • user login
  • insert chatbot script or iframe
  • user start chat
  • user logout
  • (re)user login
  • (re)insert chatbot script or iframe
  • user takes over the chat

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Hi @Glen!
any idea of my problem?

Hi !

The user id is available in the variable ideta_userID.