Link a Dialogflow Intent to a bubble

Connecting your bubble to your NLP is slightly different from the previous version of the app (before nov 2021).

If you wonder how to do so, here is an answer.

First go to the edition part and:
-“link your bubble”

-“analyze input”

You can also find a quick video, right here! :point_down:t5:
Processing: Link Bubble to…


Does anything have to reference the intents name? I am having issues with moving to the next bubble when a user sends in a phrase that matches an intent


Could you give us more details about the issue you are facing? :slight_smile: (Screenshots or a video recording would also be helpful).

The NLP can be switched on locally like it’s the case in the example shown above or you can activate it for the whole bot in the “Settings” section here:

thanks for the awesome information.