Error 500 as response when using longer input with openai

Hello there,

I got error 500 as response from server, when I use OpenAI model GPT3.5turbo. Here is the “ideta_api_bubble_latest_response”:

{"details":{"message":"Internal server error","statusCode":500},"error":{"message":"Request failed with code 500 -> Internal Server Error","response":{"details":"{\"statusCode\":500,\"message\":\"Internal server error\"}","message":"Request failed with code 500 -> Internal Server Error"},"status":422}}

And here is the input, that I am using for the field “Set a conversation context for the model”. In the context, there are all included the links for product categories, that chatbot can use and is limited to use only these:

Hi !

There are limits to the prompt.

You can condense your instructions by saying: “only mention links from domain ‘’” or "only mention links starting with ‘’ "

Perfect, thank you very much.