How can I test my chatbot and trigger a specific part?

Test Feature in Ideta’s Software

The Ideta software provides a comprehensive and user-friendly interface for testing specific parts of your chatbot. This feature is crucial for developers and bot designers who wish to ensure their bot’s functionality and response accuracy before deployment. Below is a detailed guide on how to utilize the test feature within the Ideta platform.

Accessing the Test Interface

  1. Sidebar Navigation: To begin testing a portion of your bot, navigate to the sidebar within the Ideta interface.
  2. Test Section: Look for the “Test” section in the sidebar and click on it. This action will take you to the testing environment designed for your bot.

Utilizing Test Tools

Once you are in the test interface, you have several tools at your disposal to simulate interactions with your bot and evaluate its responses.

  1. Restarting the Conversation:

    • If you need to start the conversation from the beginning, you can do so by clicking on the “Restart” icon. This icon is represented by a circular arrow and allows you to reset the conversation to its initial state.
  2. Displaying Message Bubbles:

    • At the top left corner of the test interface, you will find a button labeled “Afficher les bulles” (Display Bubbles). This button is symbolized by two overlapping chat bubbles.
    • Clicking on this button will reveal a menu on the left side of the interface, where you can select specific message bubbles to trigger.

Testing a Conversation

After setting up the test environment, you can proceed to simulate a conversation with your bot to assess its performance.

  1. Triggering a Message Bubble:

    • From the menu that appears after clicking the “Display Bubbles” button, select one of the bubbles to initiate a conversation. This action will trigger the bot to send a welcome message or any predefined message associated with the selected bubble.
  2. Asking a Question:

    • You can then proceed to ask a question, for example, “How do I pay my rent?” or whatever interaction suggested by the bot.
  3. Receiving a Response:

    • After a brief moment, the bot will respond to your question. The response time may vary, but it typically takes a few seconds for the bot to process the question and provide an answer with generative AI and less than one second without AI.


The test feature in Ideta’s software is a powerful tool for developers and bot designers to fine-tune their chatbots. By following the steps outlined above, users can easily simulate conversations, test specific parts of their bot, and ensure that the bot responds accurately and effectively to user inquiries. This feature not only enhances the development process but also contributes to creating a more seamless and engaging user experience.