How do I activate Zapier in my bot?

I would like to know how do I activate Zapier in my bot. What are the steps to turn on a Zap, configure it on Zapier and then check if it works in my bot ?

Zapier enables you to perform actions in some of your favorite softwares. Basically, if an event is triggered in Ideta, you can perform an action in Google Sheets, your favorite CRM etc.

Let’s make it work with an example. We are going to use the “simple livechat template”. The goal is to collect some data about the customer and then send it to Zapier.

I created the bot using the template and now I am going to create a Zapier bubble.

Then I click on it t select it :

and I can set up the data I want to send to Zapier :

I can add it as a background action (check the other articles in the forum about that particular topic) :

Then you can use the testing area to send demo information to Zapier.

You now need to go to Zapier ( and log into your account.

Then you can click on Create a Zap and select Ideta as a trigger.

You can then choose the trigger “Send Collected Data From Chatbot”.

and then connect your bot :

You need one account per bot. You can find the necessary information in Settings > General :

The information you sent earlier to Zapier can be seen by clicking “Load more” in the Trigger part of your Zap :

If it does not appear, you can go back to the testing area and re-send the Zapier bubble :

Click continue ! Your trigger is set up. You can configure the actions that you want with the data from Ideta :

That’s it !