How to setup authentification with Azure AD / Entra ID

In order to setup Authentification with Microsoft, you’ll need to go to Microsoft Entra, then create an application by clicking on “Add” and then “Register application” :

Name it :

You’ll already get the tenant id and the application id :

Then go to “permissions” and click on “add an authorization” :

Select Microsoft Graph :

and then “delegated permissions” :

Request all open id authorizations :

and User.Read :

Then at the bottom, click on “enterprise applications” :

Grant admin consent :

here’s the result :

Back on your registered application, get the client secret :

Then go to Authentification and click on “Add a platform" :

Then “Web” :

Then put as a redirect url and save !

That’s it !

Now you can copy the tenant id, the secret and application id into your bot’s settings > Authentification Services > Microsoft :