How can I fine tune my chatGPT bot?

How can I fine tune my chatGPT bot ?

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Hi, Nicolas from Ideta’s Tech team here !

You can retrieve all the details about models fine tuning in this documentation:

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After lots of research:
Collect relevant data: Collect and prepare a dataset that is relevant to the domain of your chatbot. This data should include conversations, questions, and answers that are related to the topics your bot will be handling.

  1. Preprocess the data: Preprocess the collected data by cleaning and formatting it. You can remove any irrelevant or duplicate data and convert the remaining text into a format suitable for training.

  2. Train the model: Use a pre-trained GPT model and fine-tune it on your dataset using techniques such as transfer learning. This will help the model learn from your specific dataset and adapt to your chatbot’s domain.

  3. Evaluate the model: Evaluate the performance of your fine-tuned model by testing it on a small set of data that was not used during training. You can use metrics such as perplexity, accuracy, and F1 score to evaluate the performance of your model.

  4. Iterate and improve: Based on the evaluation results, iterate and improve your fine-tuned model by adjusting hyperparameters, adding more training data, or using different techniques.