How can I use Hubspot Integration

Hello, this topic will explain you how to use your Hubspot Integration.

We are developing dedicated bubbles for the Hubspot Integration, but for now here is the process you have to follow to create a contact with the Hubspot API:

We will use HTTP requests provided in the Ideta platform API bubble.

First part, we will show you how to refresh your access to the API, using the refresh_token made after your integration.

Here’s the request you have to create to get a new access_token during a conversation.

To save this token, create a conversation object data in data manager, with a property “access_token”.

Activate “Store response” and write “access_token” as the access_token property path.

Now you have an access_token, you can use it in a new API bubble to create a contact. Using this request:

About the body, the values can be data you got from the user conversation with your bot. There is more properties you can add in the body during your contact creation.

To know all the properties provided by the Hubspot API, you can have a look on the following documentation: Create a new contact | Contacts API, there is a JSON body request example with all the properties.