How can I use the Google Sheets Integration?

I finished the process to activate the Google Integration via Google Login. What should I do know ?


We will soon provide a dedicated bubble for the GoogleSheets integration, for now here is the process you need to add data in a Sheet:

Now you finished your integration, check your bot data in data manager (the section encircled in red).

The underlined tokens are the one you need to use the GoogleSheets API. The refresh_token allows you to renew your access to the API. The access_token is the one you will use for HTTP requests.
We made an API which refresh your access.

To use this API, you would need to get your chatbot credentials, create two bot data in data manager, BotID and BotToken (the spelling does not matter). The value of those data in provided in the settings section, copy them:

(Secret key is BotToken).

Once you created all this, create an API bubble, and make this request:

The bot credentials has to be separated by three underscore characters (like this ___ ).

The access_token given as a response to the request has to be stored in an object data (conversation data)
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You now have the process to renew your access to the GoogleSheets API during a conversation on an Ideta chatbot.

This request is provided by Google to add data in a Sheets, the gs_id is the id of your sheet, you can find the gs_id you want in the GoogleSheets website:

The body is in JSON, the value key is easy to understand, the first list is divided in rows ( each row is a list of strings ). Lists in JSON are : [ LIST ].

For further understanding, here is the Google full documentation link: Method: spreadsheets.values.append  |  Sheets API  |  Google Developers

Thank you for your attention.