Zapier integration

Hello, I seem to have a problem with setting up Zapier integration.
When I go to integrations, they’re “OFF”, and when I click on it, I’m offered to pick one of the existing integrations or create my own. After I create my own, it looks correct in Zapier, but on Ideta dashboard it’s still “OFF”, and when I switch it on, it prompts me again to pick a zap or create my own (the zap I created is not listed).

Additional question: what kind of bubble or operations I have to set up in the chatbot itself to trigger sending the data through Zapier?


Once you set up a Zap ex: Google Sheets, you will need to activate it first.

As for triggering the Zap, you can use the Zapier bubble for this. If you use a Zapier bubble in the test area, this will send you the data to set up your Zap.

The integration will only be “on” after you activate the Zap.

Hello Glen,

Thank you for your reply.
The zap is activated, and everything seems to work on Zapier side. It’s Ideta that doesn’t seem working.
The OFF button aside, your documentation says that I should be able to verify that my account is connected:

On my dashboard, I don’t see it (it also looks different than in your Manual that supposedly have been updated in March):

As for the trigger: I figured Zapier bubble would be responsible for Zapier, but it’s unintuitive and there’s pretty much no information on how to use it, and after reading your manual and forum I’m none the wiser. To be honest, I was hoping for some more detailed explanation of the bubble functions and sections since it’s not in your documentation.

Hello Joamac,

Thank you for clarifying.

It’s true that we should update our user guide soon - many updates have happened since the last time !

After your feedback about not finding answers on our forum, we are now in the process of recreating a more useful answer for setting up Zapier.

Please find the updated question here : How do I activate Zapier in my bot? (we will update the answer very soon)

Hello Glen,

I appreciate your responses, assuming that the question has been already updated (“very soon” is vague), it’s not what I’m looking for. It’s focusing on Zapier which is not a problem (setting it up is super-intuitive contrary to some parts of Ideta) while skipping the actual options in the bubble, correctly setting the data etc. by just saying “set your Zapier bubble”: you’re explaining at length the easy part (setting a zap) while skipping over the complicated and unintuitive part (working with Zapier bubbles).

I’d rather be learning from good sources on my own than take your time here on the forum, but lack of information and inability to figure out what’s wrong had brought me here… and still nothing, so I’m looking forward to your updated manuals in hope that they’ll actually contain relevant information.

Hello Joamac,

Thanks for your feedback.

To answer your initial question about the Zapier bubble, please find our updated answer in the link above.

The reason why I mentioned setting up the Zap as well is because a Zapier bubble is needed while setting up the Zap. Hope this answer will be comprehensive.

As for your feedback about a lack of information, I understand that reading a text guide or watching videos is not always the best way to learn. We are looking into how we can improve our resources and help.

Blockquote As for your feedback about a lack of information, I understand that reading a text guide or watching videos is not always the best way to learn.

To be honest, I personally never had a problem learning from text guides or videos.
What makes it not the best way to learn is how the information is presented and what is covered. For example, the screenshots in your new guide are in French (mostly a minor issue, but somewhat annoying when you’re trying to compare), and the Zapier bubble is still limited to “I can set up the data I want to send to Zapier” which is not helpful at all seeing as you have two sets of data values there and there’s no information of what kind of data (bot data? conversation data? both? none?) goes where. Since anything can go on either side, it’s not intuitive, and I couldn’t find anything in the documentation either.
To figure out how it works, I set up a simple “add data to spreadsheet” zap, and I still have no way of telling whether I’m doing something wrong, setting wrong data values, or my bot isn’t integrated (because the button in the integrations is in a permanent off position).

Normally, I’d give up on your documentation and go to external sources, but your app isn’t used widely enough to have any tutorials created by external users.
To sum up: the problem isn’t the format (text guide, videos), but what you present and how you present it. I really love the potential Ideta has, and I’m hoping this is going to be a tool I’m not only going to use but also recommend to others, but I feel it really needs better documentation.