How do I create custom analytics?

I have a chatbot that is deployed and there are users that are using it already.

There are certain questions (ex : language, country, product that the customer wants to view, etc) that I would like to view in the analytics dashboard. I need to see which are the most popular options so that I can improve my chatbot.

Can you tell me how to build my own custom analytics ?


Here is a simple example which will allow you to know how many people clicked on a button and what their status is:

First you need to create a data key to store the answer of your user when he clicks on a button. To do this, you need to click on the button from your quick replies bubble, for example here “I’m renting an apartment”, scroll down and click on “+Add” next to “Data handling”:

Click on the blue box of your first operation and create a new data key you can call “Status”:

Across “Status”, in the white input box, you can write for example “tenant”. This operation means that the word “tenant” will be stored in “Status” if your user clicks on that button.

Then, you need to repeat something similar with the other button (“I own an apartment”), except this time, you can write the word “owner” in the white input box (“Status” here is the data key you’ve created earlier):

And that’s it!

Now you’ll be able to see how many people clicked on your buttons in the “Analytics” page (and if those users are owners or tenants):