I have a button-based chatbot but I have also enabled NLP. When asking a question, I would like to know if it’s possible to redirect a user based on his previous answers?

I have a conversational chatbot with NLP activated. For example, if a user clicks on a button called “I’m renting an apartment” and then asks “I want to know about service charges”, I want my chatbot to display the bubble about service charges for tenants (there is one bubble for tenants and one for owners).

How can I do this ?


First you need to create a data key to store the answer of your user when he clicks on a button. To do this, you need to click on the button from your quick replies bubble, for example here “I’m renting an apartment”, scroll down and click on “+Add” next to “Data handling”:

Click on the blue box of your first operation and create a new data key you can call “Status”:

Across “Status”, in the white input box, you can write for example “tenant”. This operation means that the word “tenant” will be stored in “Status” if your user clicks on that button.

Then, you can repeat something similar with the other button “I own an apartment”, except this time, you can write the word “owner” in the white input box:

Then you need to create a comparison bubble (which is tied to the NLP) where you are going to say that if “Status” has “tenant” in it (meaning the user clicked on the “I’m renting an apartment” button), he has to be redirected to a specific bubble. If it’s not true, then the bot moves on to the next comparison:

Don’t forget to create the intent in the AI page and to set up the rule in the settings page:

Here your intention must be connected to your comparison bubble.