What is the connect to support switch in the chats tab for and how do I use it?

I recently saw this toggle switch here :

I was wondering what this does and how do I use it ?


This toggle switch can change the value of a data key from “true” to “false” and vice versa. You can for example use it to add support agents or remove one, or it can be used by an agent to change his status (“online” or “offline” for example). Here is how you can do that:

First, you need to go to “Data manager”, and select the bot data key with your username on it:

Then click on the chevron across “See more” at the bottom of the frame:

Scroll down until you see the button which will allow you to add a background action. Click on it, and then on “Modifiy data”’, and on “+Add” after that to add a first modification:

Select “Test a condition” in the blue drop down menu:

Then add the bot data key with your username next to “Data name” and then type “true” next to “Comparator”. Then type “2” after “If true, operation”, and “3” after “If false, operation”:

Now you need to set up operation 2 and 3. To do so, click on “+Add” once again and select “Set a value” in the blue drop down menu. In the left blue box, you need add a bot data key that you are going to create:

Then you can write “Online” next to “=”:

And then add another modification, with the same bot data key in the left blue box, but with “Offline” written in the input box instead of “Online”. Once you’ve done all that, don’t forget to scroll up and click on “ok” to save everything.

You can now catch a glimpse of the result in the “Chats” page: