How do I use Userguiding in a bot?

I would like a user guide to appear if a user asks for one. For example, in a button. What are the step required to do this ?

When using Userguiding, you can trigger guides when the user select a button or a list in your chatbot.

Create your guide with userguiding and make sure to write down the correct target url (the url of the page where your guide will be triggered)

Then, on your chatbot, create a button bubble for example:

and choose the “URL” type:

Then go to Userguiding and copy the hyperlink of the guide you would like to install
Capture d’écran 2022-02-01 à 13.48.52

Be careful, if your url contains a unique ID, you will need to create a variable in the bot.
If your url address is the same for all users, you can directly copy and paste this hyperlink in the chatbot.

So, to paste the link in the chatbot go back to the button.
If your hyperlink contains a unique ID, replace this part of the url with a bot variable, as shown below:

To sum up, you just have to create a button or a list then select the url type and copy the hyperlink that you can find on your userguiding interface, paste it in the dedicated location in the chatbot. If your hyperlink contains unique values, replace this value with a bot data key, typically this can look like this:

< DATA KEY?_ug_90 >

This way your guide can be launched according to the user variable, whoever this is.

Don’t forget to activate the guides and put off the Auto-trigger. The guide will be launched when the user triggers the button.