What are the main features to build in my chatbot?

What should i use first to make a chatbot?
If I want to build a chatbot for a recruitment company, what would you suggest me to do?

It depends if you choose a template with existing bubbles, you will have to modify the text, the titles, the actions, etc…but if you start from scratch with an empty bot, you will need to:
-Go to the edition section
-Create new bubbles + add background actions if needed
-Link bubbles= create logical conversational paths (use the maps to guide you into it)
-Retrieve user’s data= create data keys so you can
-Use NLP= set up a dialogflow account and create intents and entities to use AI
-Test your chatbot= check if each bubbles are working well
-Design your chatbot: select the color, the logo, the background
-Publish: copy the script of your chatbot
-Deploy the chatbot= embed it on your web page
-Make modifications on your chatbot from time to time and update these changes

These are the main stages of building your chatbot. For a template bot, the steps are quite similar but the edition section is mainly used to make modifications rather than to bubbles creation