How do I trigger an alert in the "Chats" page?

How do I trigger an alert in the “Chats” page?

If you want to be alerted in the “Chats” page when a user does something specific, you can add a background action to a bubble which will trigger a Red flag:

First, you need to click on the “Edit” button on the left hand side of your screen, choose the bubble which will trigger the Red flag, click on the white lightning icon and then on “Add a background action”:

Once on the “Triggered actions” page, select “Trigger a workflow” and then click on the “Choose a bubble / alias” button (at this point you can also choose the exact moment you want the warning to be triggered):

Once on the “Connect a bubble” page, click on the “+ Add” button to create a new bubble:

Scroll down and select the bubble template called “Operation” (which will allow you to manipulate data) and click on “Ok”:

Once on your new (background) bubble, click on the “+Add” button and then on the “Select a data name…” button which will appear below:

This will take you to a list of conversation data keys where you need to select “ideta_notify”’:

Back on your new bubble, don’t forget to add “true” next to “ideta_notify”:

You also need to remember to choose what is going to happen next. To do so, click on the “Choose a bubble / alias” button (on the right hand side of your screen):

The small lightning icon will turn yellow once you’ve set the background action: