How to send an email notification when the user goes down a specific path?

I was wondering how to send an email notification to someone when the user goes down a specific path?


If you want to receive an email when a user does something specific, you can add a background action to a bubble.
You first need to click on the “Edit” button on the left hand side of your screen, choose the bubble which will trigger the action, click on the white lightning icon and then on “Add a background action”:

Once on the “Triggered actions” page, select “Send an email” and fill in the form (at this point you can also choose the exact moment you want the action to be triggered : when the user arrives on the bubble or when he leaves it):

The small lightning icon will turn yellow once you’ve set the background action:

In addition to that, I have to mention the system variable ideta_conversation_url that enables you to send a direct link to the conversation to the agent responsible for answering it.