How to replace a link with text in email notification?

Hello, whenever somebody reaches a certain bubble in my bot or asks a question, I would like to send the link to a conversation in an email notification.

However, I do not want to show the full conversation link : Ideta Nuki etc, I would like a text like “click here” that opens the URL.


To do this, first you will need to create an email notification in the background.

Once done, the second step is to use this in the content area :
Click here

ideta_conversation_url is a data key that you can find in system data keys and will need to insert.

Once you have finished typing in your message, it should look like this :

Finally, click on mode and select “save as code”. Your message should look like this :

Good to note : your “click here” text will not be highlighted in Red in the actual email.